Wine Tasting Sorrento

Wine Tour Sorrento and Amalfi Coast

Warning! This may very much sound like a fantasy, but it is in no way a dream. This is hard truth and facts. Yes! This is something that is actually happening. If you have never tour the Sorrento and Amalfi coast, in southern Italy, this is definitely something you want to try out. If you are wine lover and fanatic as well. Just cannot get enough of it, then this is especially for you.

What exactly am I talking about when I say this? Definitely none other than the one and only most superb wine tour you can ever be on in your life. The Wine Tour Sorrento and Amalfi Coast by non-other than the Sorrento Coast Limo.

Are you on a honeymoon already, or are you enjoying Sorrento’s area with your other half? Are you looking for a place to go during your honeymoon or do you just want to take some romantic time off with the love of your life? Or are you travelling with wine lovers friends?  Well this is one tour you do not want to miss out on.

So, for starters, before I get into detail about the trip, who are these guys? The Sorrento Coast Limo is a limousine and tours company that just cannot help themselves but give 101% your money’s worth. They deal in giving tour experiences worth a lifetime. No compromise on the deliverables. All just to give you the tour of a lifetime.

We will pick you up from Sorrento, Amalfi or Naples, port if you are on a cruise or city centre if you are in an hotel, in a state of the art Mercedes Benz luxury cruiser driving you along the area, letting you live the greatest wine tour imagined. To top it all off, the driver is a local and well conversant with English, so communication should be a piece of cake and navigation an even easier task and knows the best wineries in the region that will have your whole body just shivering for more and more.

This, however, is not your everyday tour. No. this is special. This is one that will have you thinking you have been missing out on all the finer things in life, and you know what, it actually could be true. So here’s just a taste of what that day will be like for you. Especially if you just have that tongue for fine wine.

A one day wine tour from Sorrento, Amalfi or Naples, going round all the finest of Italy’s wines in the Campania region. Enjoy the most beautiful small coastal towns in the world. Places that will have you feel like you are stepping out of this world. Stepping into your dream. 

Visiting Marisa Cuomo winery
Marisa Cuomo Winery Tour

Marisa Cuomo Winery Tour

Some of the places you will have the chance to visit are the likes of Marisa Cuomo Winery in Ravello. Legendary does not begin to describe the class of wine that is brewed in this field of vines. With breathtaking beauty, coupled with the sound of waves from the sea. Just the right humid conditions and the right ageing, the wine in the Cantine Marisa Cuomo is yet to find a match to its 36 years of wine pressing. With a cellar dug into the stone facing the waters all the way back in 1980, which is when the Marisa Cuomo was born, it does not get any more aesthetic for the romantic as it does here. As if that were not enough, the exquisite wine pressed with the application of secrets passed down over decades, comes the Furore Bianco Fiorduva white wine, which has innumerable titles trailing from its name, including the best 2012 white wine

Visiting Cantina Del Vesuvio winery
Cantina Del Vesuvio Winery Tour

Cantina Del Vesuvio Winery Tour

Cantina Del Vesuvio, an assured and guaranteed house of quality wine so fine. Blended with past experiences unmatched in many a place and around the entire world, the Cantana Del Vesuvio, is close proximity to the great Mount Vesuvius, will give you a guaranteed return of value for every single cent you have paid for the trip. With a 12 hectare vineyard, which may sound rather subtle, the pressed wine is sure to tickle your taste buds in a way non other has in your lifetime. We are talking wine brands like the one of a kind blend famously known as the Lacryma Christi red wine. It is whispered that the vines that produce this unmatched blend of unique character were watered by non-other than tears of God himself. The name Lacryma Christi in itself is meant to say ‘Tears of Christ’. Grown in the rich volcanic soils of the great Mount Vesuvius, this is one young substantial red wine you wish only to experience. 

Visiting Feudi San Gregorio winery
Feudi San Gregorio winery tour

Feudi San Gregorio winery tour

The Feudi San Gregorio, being a revolutionary title in the field of viticulture and taking the Campania Region by intentional storm. The fields where the grapes are grown have such wealth in minerals because of the mountain’s infamous eruptions ever so profound. The place holds an iconic reputation and its wine is well beyond fine. Bragging especially about the vintage bronze award winning wine in the region. This is the third most highly priced wine in the Irpinia region 

Opportunity to visit also Pompeii, Herculaneum or Vesuvius

While on this trip of a lifetime, you have that once in a lifetime opportunity to visit cities that go down in history as magnificent beyond possible human imagination. Cities with histories that are told and have us wishing if only we had a glimpse of such historic beauty and marvel. Cities like the great Pompeii, famous for resort-like nature, but even more for its seeming disappearance after Mount Vesuvius’s most recent eruption all the way back in 79AD. For more than 2000 years, this city has been known to have been buried in the dust from what might have been the world’s most catastrophic eruption yet, only do be discovered almost fully intact by some explorers.

Cities such as the great Herculaneum. Rumored to have been much wealthier than the great Pompeii, this Roman town, named after the great Hercules, a Greek god whose strength has a reputation unmatched. The city is said to have been as well buried in the pyroclasts after the 79Ad eruption.

You also get the opportunity to view the Vesuvius, a real beauty of nature. A work of effortless and flawless art. 

Great wine blends to taste for your wine tour from Sorrento, Amalfi or Naples

As part of this phenomenal, life changing trip, you also get the chance to interact with famous names in the wines industry such as the red wine varieties of the Aglianico and Taurasi, along with white wine brands in the likes of the Falanghina, the Fiano and the Greco. Tastes that take you to the moon and back in the blink of an eye.

Along with the package is the option of taking part in the limoncello tasting as well. Get to taste the typical liquor made by local lemons of Sorrento and Amalfi Coast.

This is definitely one trip you want to live through in your lifetime. Think of the beauty. Think of the aesthetics. Think of the history. Think of the never ending wine tasting through and through


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