Amalfi Coast Tour
Amalfi Coast Tour

Amalfi Coast Tour

When You Tour Amalfi Coast You'll Fall in Love with the Scenery, the Charming Towns and the Iconic Historical Sites

Your tour Amalfi Coast takes on along Europe's most visually stunning coastlines, delivering a remarkable combination of awe-inspiring scenery and world famous historical sites. This stretch of coastline has garnered the honor of being a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its undeniable magnificence, unique landscapes and lovely gardens.

Your tour Amalfi Coast will provide you with miles of beautiful panoramic scenery including the charming villages the area is known for. You'll find captivating residences painted in cheerful pastel colors surrounded by spectacular views of the beautiful countryside. Everywhere you tour takes you along the Amalfi Coast you'll breathe in the splendid fragrance of the lemon groves that grace the area. The region is also famous for its vineyards and the fine wines they produce as well, and the Limoncello (flavorful lemon liqueur).

Following are just a few of the lovely villages you'll have the opportunity to experience along the Amalfi Coast:

Amalfi is located on an expanse of beautiful pebbled beach and Amalfi port. Along the town's streets you'll find a variety of restaurants, bars and cafes, and splendid shops selling colorful local ceramics, Limoncello, swim wear, casual apparel, assorted gifts and more. Amalfi, like most of the coastal towns you'll visit on your tour Amalfi Coast is home to its own historical sites including the spectacular Amalfi cathedral along the coast.

Considered one of the Amalfi Coast's most beautiful towns, Positano is filled with fabulous restaurants, cafes and shops carrying fine linens and their famed "Moda Positano" sandals. You'll also find several stunning historic sites including the breathtaking Church of the Assumption. This enchanting town has a lot to offer and the picturesque views of the Mediterranean and the gorgeous Li Galli islands are guaranteed to provide plenty of photo opportunities.

Ravello, ideally situated atop a mountain cliff is known for its fantastic views, its exquisite flower laden patrician villas, the Cathedral of San Pantaleone, wineries and olive factories. This charming town, while being a popular destination, appears to be untouched by tourism, which is part of its appeal. Other than its stunning views, its ancient historical sites include Villa Rufolo which often hosts classical music events and Villa Cimbrone with its gorgeous gardens. As you stroll through Via Roma's narrow arches you'll find traditional Italian restaurants serving exceptional cuisine, and a handful of fun boutiques.

If you are planning a tour Amalfi Coast, it's a good idea to take the longest available tour because you won't want to miss anything. You'll want to explore each and every town listed above (and others not listed) and historical sites like the legendary Pompeii, Sorrento, Praiano and perhaps iconic Capri. Every obvious and hidden treasure along the Amalfi Coast is well worth visiting, each as enchanting and awe inspiring as the last. It's a magical blend of both cultural and natural wonders that will be impossible to forget.


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