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Sorrento, Italy is one of the most magical places in the country. This is thanks to its location along the dramatic Amalfi coastline where everything seems to fall off into the ocean. Colorful houses are built into the sides of mountains and streets wind their way dangerously between villages as you see on your tours Sorrento Italy. This is the place where hundreds of photo shoots and movies have inspired thousands to visit each year. Sorrento offers visitors the chance to live and experience beauty on a daily basis. Anyone visiting Italy would be a fool not to see it first hand. thus booking a Sorrento tour is a must.

The Unexpected Sorrento Tours at Christmas

One of the coolest times to visit Sorrento is at Christmastime. Huge tables line the streets as a community bingo or tombola is played as you will see on a walking tour Sorrento offers. People revel in the sales and enjoy the time of year with plenty of partying and drinking. A huge Christmas tree is places in the center, and it lights up beckoning everyone to visit the city center. Every New Year there is a huge celebration with fireworks on display too. This is a must see for anyone wanting tour Sorrento outside of the usual summer holiday plans.

Tours of Sorrento in the Summer

Of course, Sorrento is packed in the summer. There are not many beaches save for the rocky black sand found at some of the resorts. This does not mean that you cannot enjoy the sea view from a Sorrento tour on a boat. In fact, a boat offers one of the better options when it comes to Sorrento tours. You will be able to take in all the sights with one of the best tours Sorrento Italy has to offer!


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