Naples Tours Food and Wine
Naples Tours Food and Wine

Tour Naples With Proven Fun Results Provided by Sorrento Coast Limo

It is the largest city on the Mediterranean Sea, but Naples is much more than just a massive Italian town because regular tourists view their “Napoli” as destination they will never forget. The main draw for visitors to this ancient city - that traces is heritage to the 9th century BC - is the splendid food and wine on offer. In fact, the best way to enjoy all that Naples has to offer is to hire Sorrento Coast Limo, say happy travelers who recommend this unique way to tour this historic city.

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Sorrento Coast Limo is simply a great way to tour Naples and enjoy this UNESCO “World Heritage Site.” Because Naples is a somewhat complex city to navigate, it is best to have a tour guide, say longtime Neapolitans. Thus, it makes good sense to hire local tourism experts who can take you and your family or friends to the very best tourism attractions in this exciting and energetic city that was once called the “Kingdom of Naples.”

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A food tour of Naples is “heaven on Earth,” quipped a happy traveler online; while it is known both far and wide that Naples is a true “foodie” destination. For example, there is a local joke that Naples is “all about pizzas, palaces, piazzas and castles.” Meanwhile, the most popular tourism sites in the city are literally surrounded by the best local cafes and restaurants. In fact, the world famous “Neapolitan pizza” was invented in Naples. While pizza shops can be found on most street corners in and around this free and easy city, the locals remind visitors to also enjoy the many popular seafood dishes, including octopus, peppered mussels, marinated anchovies and salt cod. During regular tourism events, called food tour Naples, visitors can enjoy all sort of local foods. For instance, the local pastries are a joy to eat and include “Zeppole” and other cakes topped with colorful Italian gelato.

The Naples way to top off a wonderful lunch or dinner is with the traditional local “flip coffee pot,” or expresso machine rich coffee that was also invented in this great city.

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The best way and means to “really” enjoy Neapolitan cuisine, say locals, is to “drink the local vino” or wine that is among the best anywhere in the world. For instance, when eating a plate of Neapolitan spaghetti and meatballs, the recommendation is to “enjoy it with local Naples Chianti from a nearby town where “Chianti Classico” is grown and bottled. In turn, opening any good bottle of regional Naples wine is wonderful, say wine enthusiasts who have made Naples a true wine lovers destination for centuries.


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