Gastronomic Tour On Amalfi Coast

Taste of Sorrento with our gastronomic tour

This is a full day’s tour  in an air conditioned mercedes car with English speaking driver. Pick up can be arranged to suit your individual needs.

Once you have met with your driver and are settled comfortably in your car our day begins totally dedicated to the local products that are produced in the countryside area of the Sorrento Coast.

We will be driving along roads with some of  the most spectacular views in this region.

We will be visiting one of the olive oil producing businesses in this area.  Learn how the olive trees are cultivated and how the olives are harvested.  Gain knowledge of how the olives are ground and the process which they undertake before being bottled.  Of course there will be time to sample some of the genuine olive oil.


Learn how the famous mozzarella cheese is produced, of how the curd is taken from the milk, which is then worked to give us that very fresh milky and soft cheese. Then take in the art of the pizza making from the very simple ‘Pizza Margherita’, having the colours of the Italian flag (red tomatoes, white cheese and green basil leaf) to the more many topped flavours.


Last but not least, see how the famous ‘Limoncello’ liqueur is made with the succulent lemons that are grown in abundance in this area – and why not try one for the road.


Time will be dedicated during the day to eating some of the fine products made here and there will be a chance for you to make any purchases for souvenirs that you may wish.


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