Shore Excursion Sorrento Coast

A Captivating Shore Excursion Sorrento Takes You Back Through Time

The captivating town of Sorrento is filled with beautiful historic architecture, charming restaurants and cafes and lovely shops selling a variety of locally made products. Taking a shore excursion Sorrento it a journey full of photo opportunities including beautiful views of the Naples Bay, charming cobbled streets that you'll find in some of the charming towns you'll pass along the way, and the ruins of world renowned historical sites like Pompeii; all guaranteeing memorable experiences.

You can take a full day's shore excursion Sorrento along the Sorrento Coast where you'll drive through towns dotting the breathtaking cliffs and home to stunning historic churches and ancient architecture. You'll have the opportunity to spend time in 3 of the south of Italy's most beautiful villages; Amalfi, Positano and Ravello, all that have garnered the world's attention because of their beauty and charm, making them the perfect places to visit for a true taste of Italy's southern landscapes. The area's charm is not only due to the classic appeal of the lemon and olive groves and attractive villages, but in their rich history presented through the ancient monasteries and traces of ancient Roman art.

Sorrento itself is strategically located on cliffs that over look the Bay of Naples with Mt Vesuvius in the distance, and acts as the perfect base to begin your journey including the visually stunning Amalfi Coast, miles of pristine countryside and to the north an extensive variety of archaeological sites including Pompeii, a World Heritage Site and the legendary island of Capri

After the shore excursion Sorrento takes you through the town's districts you'll arrive at its main square, the 'Piazza Tasso', a lovely place to explore with its many shops, churches and restaurants, the perfect places to enjoy a taste of Limoncello, a liqueur that Sorrento is famous for. Limoncello is made out of local lemon rinds, water, sugar and alcohol and several shops in the area are happy to offer free samples of the tasty liqueur. Sorrento is known for several other local specialties including olives, nuts, a variety of citrus fruit, exceptional wine and delicately crafted inlaid wood.

One of Sorrento’s most visually stunning places to visit is the Chiesa di San Francesco, extraordinary medieval cloisters that is an enlightened union of 14th century architectural styles combining rounded and crossed arches.

You'll find that your shore excursion Sorrento will be guided by English speaking drivers who will share stories of the history of the area along the way. Excursions are typically offered via limousines, sedans or minivans and the drivers meet their clients at either the Naples or Sorrento docks, providing both personalized group and private tours to the most magnificent places along the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento peninsula and more.

If you've always wanted to visit Italy, consider a shore excursion Sorrento, driving the incredible Amalfi Coast, visiting Herculaneum, Pompeii and other world famous sites, feast your eyes on the majestic of Mount Vesuvius, and of course stroll the traffic free streets of Sorrento, sipping on Limoncello and enjoy one of the area's most vibrant cities.

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