Shore Excursion Naples Archaeological

Shore Excursion Naples Archaeological Adventures along the Road That the Roman's Built

Taking a shore excursion Naples archaeological tour is the ideal way to enjoy the perfect balance of the area's natural beauty, art, history, rich Italian food and wine, and let's not forget shopping. Your adventure begins in Naples, an extraordinary city.

Naples is iconic city full of high end shopping venues, restaurants, exceptional outdoor activities, magnificent medieval architectural wonders, art galleries and museums. The Naples Archaeological museum is the perfect place to visit for history buffs because it houses some of the most important Archaeological finds from Herculaneum and Pompeii including magically preserved statuary, beautiful jewelry, colorful mosaics and more.

Pompeii, the legendary ancient Roman city, is located just a few miles outside of Naples at the base of Mt. Vesuvius which erupted in 79 A.D., burying the city in rock and ash, lost to the world until the 18th century. The city was basically frozen in time and protected from the outside world for centuries. Pompeii is a must see historical site on your shore excursion Naples archaeological expedition. Once you leave Pompeii you can explore the Amalfi cost, visiting a number of breathtaking spots along the Bay of Naples including magnificent views of Mt. Vesuvius.

Amalfi Drive
Amalfi Drive takes you also the coast and eventually connects you to Amalfi. Originally engineered by the Romans, it is considered one of the most stunning roads in the world; you’re guaranteed stunning photo opportunities along the way.

Sorrento is ideally located on magnificent volcanic rock cliffs, where you'll have plenty of photo opportunities not only of the surrounding landscapes but the charming Old Town streets, brimming with shops, restaurants and cafe's offering complimentary tastes of their famous Limoncello liquor. Sorrento is known for its varied groves (Lemon, Olive, etc) and a variety of delicious citrus fruit. When it comes to historic sites, Sorrento is known for its ancient monasteries and beautiful churches.

Positano is a delightful town with gorgeous traffic free streets brimming with shopping venues, Italian restaurants serving fresh and delicious Italian specialties and charming cafes.
Historical landmarks include the Dome of Santa Maria Assunta and Grotta la Porta, a spectacular cave where ancient remains have been found.

Amalfi is a captivating, resort town with charming alleyways winding by pretty buildings, and up the hills in between the sparkling Mediterranean Sea and the lush green mountains. Amalfi is brimming with magnificent examples of ancient architecture with Moorish influences which include the Cloister of Paradise and the 9th century Duomo di Sant' Andrea.

You'll find Ravello to be a tranquil town offering spectacular Mediterranean views, a common feature showcased by the towns along Amalfi Drive. While in Ravello you'll want to visit the gorgeous gardens located at the Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone, the Cathedral of Ravello located in Vescovado Square, and stop to enjoy a delicious Italian food at one of the local restaurants.

The majority of the shore excursion Naples archaeological tours will pick you up at the Naples port and if you like drop you off at Sorrento's port, giving you the opportunity to take a ferry ride back to Naples, a lovely experience. You can book private excursions or travel as part of a group which is a more affordable option if you're on a budget.

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