Amphitheatrum Flavium in Rome
Sorrento coast, view of the Vesuvius

Private transfer from Rome to Sorrento and vice versa

Are you travelling to Rome and want to get to Sorrento comfortably and safely? Then you just found the right service for this. We offer transfer services from Rome to Sorrento and back, and it is not all about just picking and dropping you wherever you feel like. Customer satisfaction and comfort are our top most priority hence measures and policies have been put in place to see to it that you are attended to well.

Pickup details

We pick our customers from numerous strategic points around Rome. They include; airports such as the Fiumicino and Ciampino airport for those who have flown in, the train stations (Rome Termini, Tiburtina or Ostiense) dropping point, any hotel in Rome’s city center and at the Rome Civitavechia Port for those dock at the port. Identifying us has been made an easy task for you. All you need to do to locate our drivers is to remember your Surname! Easy right? For those who’ve flown in, you will find the driver waiting for you at the arrival gate, with a tag with your surname written on it. If one is to be picked at the train station, you may find the driver at the arrival train track, still with the tag. For those who planned to be picked at ports, our driver can be found waiting with the tag at the dock. Clients to be picked from hotels at the city center will be waited for by our drivers at the hotel’s reception desk. 

How far and how long it takes a transfer from Rome to Sorrento?

The transfer to Sorrento from Rome is quite long and may be tiresome. That is why your comfort is our top most priority, just as we stated earlier. It is a 3 hour journey since the distance is about 270 km or just over 165 miles. If you please, our driver can drive you straight to Sorrento or Amalfi coast. In most cases, clients like to make stoppages during the journey, which is also a part of what we offer since we see that need for a stopover. 

Customized services and Licensed and professional drivers

The reasons as to why you should opt for use for your private transport service from Rome to Sorrento or vice versa are unending. Our flexibility is off the charts. First of all, we provide you with the option of rebooking for the return journey, i.e. from Sorrento to Rome. This will relieve the baggage you have on your back of trying to find a transport means back to Rome especially when you are on vacation in areas that transport is difficult to find. Not only do you get to decide the time in which you want to be picked but also have the option of asking us to provide you with a different driver. That way, you remain as satisfied as you like. The only thing we ask of you is to book the service early. We remain at ease when we don’t have to rush you around and get you to your destination early. This is why we recommend that you be at the airport 2 hours prior to you flight or an hour before if you are travelling by train. 

Secondly, our drivers are professionals who have been trained to have good work ethic, patience and to be interactive with the client. All of them can speak English well and most of them are either locals or have stayed in the area for quite a long time to know some of the best places around. During the long journey, they can, if you wish, indulge you in conversation about the place, like a tour guide, and even recommend to you the best places to visit and amazing hotels to stay in. Through them, you can learn a lot about the place hence you don’t have to go around asking about the area from another person. 

Vehicles used for the transfers from Rome

The vehicles we use are of good standard and extremely comfortable. They have all been insured to be anywhere in Italy and serviced well. Comfort is assured in the vehicle throughout the slightly tiresome drive that you will not notice the 3 hours passing by. Ever been inside a Mercedes Benz? You read that right. The vehicles we use are the new generation of the hyped vehicle or high class minivans when the customer demand gets too high. The vehicles are extremely comfy on the inside and have multiple features that may interest you such as really large luggage compartments, good air conditioning system and comfortable seats to ensure that you don’t strain on the road. 

For those who don’t like the idea of being on the road for that long and would like to stop over at some point, we have that catered for you. Sorrento Coast Limo has deals with interesting designated stopover locations such as Cassino, Capua or Pompeii. You can therefore decide to stop at any one of this locations to catch a break and have a good time at the same time. The time we suggest to stop is 2 or 3 hours, which should be enough for you to do anything you please. As stated earlier, our drivers have been trained to be patient hence they will have an easy time waiting for you as you take the break. Your luggage will be safe in their hands. 

Transfer Rome - Sorrento with optional Stop in Monte Cassino

The designated stops are quite an interesting place to be in. To start with The Monte Cassino Abbey is just 81 km or 50 miles outside of Rome. It has been strategically built on top of the hills so that one can get a nice view. The abbey is of special meaning to Christians in Rome. It has withstood the test of time as the structure has been destroyed four times and has been rebuilt each time it was brought down. The building was destroyed last and rebuilt during the Second World War, in 1944. In there, you can find many traditional manuscripts that you will find nowhere else and many more historical document, some of which describe what the abbey has been through all this years. The building has been used as an archive to these documents that are of historical significance to the people of Rome. 

Transfer Rome - Sorrento with optional Stop in Capua

The amphitheater of Capua is also a site many people die to see while in Italy. The famous TV Show, Spartacus, was based on this entire place. The amphitheater used to be an ancient city of itself dating back to the 7th century before Christ. The city was built well, at that time, and was full of gladiators who were constantly made to fight in the presence of civilians. The place is now open want to see and walk around the corridors that have stood the test of time and remained strong. Underground tunnels used during the ancient times also still exist. A museum was also established right at the site storing the weapons used by gladiators to fight back then. Also another thing to note is that it is the second biggest amphitheater, not in Italy, but in the world. 

Transfer Rome - Sorrento with optional Stop in Pompeii

You have probably heard of the Pompeii before. A brief history about it is that Pompeii, which was a town long time ago just after death, was buried in rich volcano after Mount Vesuvius erupted out of nowhere. Everything including its inhabitants were covered in the ash and rock from the volcano. The whole catastrophe was never spoken about and the whole place remained frozen until 1748 when a surveying engineer discovered it although there are some witnesses who wrote about the event though. The town has remained to be an archeological site and more is continuously being discovered about the place up to date. This is undoubtedly a site that is rich in history and that one would love to see. The ancient roman ruins that have been uncovered offer a great memorable view. 

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