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Airport near Pompeii, finds useful information before your visit!

Pompeii, a vast archaeological site today, is known for one of the most catastrophic volcanoe eruptions recorded in history – one that killed over 11,000 people.

The once thriving site was buried in ash after the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. This well preserved site in Italy is a popular tourist attraction.

Are there flights to Pompeii?

No. There isn't an airport in Pompeii. However, there are airports near Pompeii. Naples has the closest airport to Pompeii and you can easily travel to Pompeii after landing in Naples.

How far is Pompeii from Naples?

Naples is 28 km (18 miles) from Pompeii by train, 27 km by car. Buses take roughly 35 minutes to reach Pompeii from Naples.

Where is the closest airport to Pompeii?

The Naples International Airport, also known as the Capodichino Airport (airport code: NAP), is located in the Capodichino district of Naples, about 7 kilometres away from the centre of the city. The airport has two terminals. Terminal 1 is used for passengers while Terminal 2 is located slightly away from the airfield and is used only for chartered operations.

The airport has a single runaway and a single taxiway and is managed by the Naples Airport Management Company.

All major airlines go to Naples airport.

Going from Naples to Pompeii

From Naples to Pompeii - By Train

Take the Naples Alibus Airport Shuttle and reach the Naples Central Train Station.

You can board the Alibus Shuttle approximately 50 metres from the airport entrance. Check the signs before boarding to ensure that you are on the correct bus. The bus service runs daily from six in the morning to eleven in the night and a bus leaves from the airport every 20-30 minutes, so you do not need to worry about missing the bus. Remember to purchase a bus ticket before boarding. It will cost you €4.

It will take you around 20 minutes to reach the railway station.

From there, you can buy the train tickets to go to Pompeii. Trains leave from Naples for Pompeii about each hour. It will take around 30/40 minutes to reach your destination. The train that goes to Pompeii is called Circumvesuvina and it is a direct train, but has lots of stops along the way. Tickets cost $4.

The train will stop at Pompei, the modern city beside the excavated ruins of Pompeii. Get off at “Pompeii Scavi Stop”. From there the ruins are approximately a hundred meters away.

From Naples to Pompeii - By Car

You can book a taxi or rent a car directly after coming out of the airport, from in front of your hotel or from the central station itself.  The time to reach Pompeii depends on the traffic, and generally falls between 30-45 minutes. A maximum of four people can travel in one taxi. The drives do not use the taxi meter, thus you need to negotiate the fare skilfully.

From Naples to Pompeii - By Bus

You can avail the Curreri bus services which can take you to Pompeii directly from the Naples airport. Buses are available all day from 9 in the morning to 6 in the evening. The buses will take you till the Pompeii Scavi stop, which is where you should get down in order to see the ruins.

There is also a full day bus tour to Pompeii from Naples available at 10:30 in the morning.

SITA buses also run all day at intervals, and it will take you only half an hour to reach Pompeii. Besides, there is less rush while buying the tickets for the bus and the bus ticket stop is located right at the bus depot itself.

The entrance to the ruins of Pompeii is less than a mile away from the Pompeii bus stop.

From Naples to Pompeii - By Private Transfer

If you have no time constraints and just want to enjoy your journey, you can book a private transfer from Naples to Pompeii. This way, you don’t need to travel in a crowd, and you’ll get plenty of time to enjoy the scenery. This may be a little costlier, but if you love travelling alone, this may be the perfect way to visit the UNESCO heritage site of Pompeii.

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