2nd world war remembrance and archaeological tour in Salerno, Pompei and Paestum

POMPEI – A day’s visit to the world-renown City of Pompei, completely destroyed be the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D. – volcanic lava having preserved areas as they were.  Walk along the streets of Pompei, look into houses and palaces, see the amphitheatre and feel life as it was a long time ago.

Take time out for a relaxing drink or lunch in one of the nearby bars and restaurants.

An English speaking guide at Pompei can be hired for Euros 110.00

PAESTUM– A day’s visit to this archealogical City which was built by Grecian navigators in the 7th Century B.C.  See and walk around the Temple of Neptune (the God of the Sea) from the 5th Century.


Visit  the nearby museum.


Take time to relax and enjoy  lunch in one of the restaurants.



SALERNO– A day’s visit to the 2nd World War Cemetery.  This War Cemetery is extremely well looked after as are all War Cemeteries and conveys a feeling of  peace and tranquillity.


During the day there is time for the tasting of one of the local specialities of this area, Buffalo Mozzarella  (the very fresh local cheese is made from Buffalo’s milk).

If you still have room for lunch, why not relax in one of the many restaurants, offering many other local speciality dishes.

All excursions are in a fully air-conditioned Mercedes car with an English speaking driver.


Pick-ups can be arranged from the airport and port of Naples or from your hotel.

Salerno & Pompei & Paestum

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